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Walk up the mini rainbow; this means you should walk in an arch as opposed to walking straight up to the dog. Stand sideways or kneel sideways, never facing the dog head on. Offer your hand to the dog - fingers in and down in a loose fist.

Living With Kids and Dogs...Without Losing Your Mind, 2nd Ed.

This is an invitation for the dog to approach. If the dog approaches, pet him under his chin.

If the dog doesn't approach, he is saying that he's not comfortable right now. Ways children can help with their own dogs:. Making sure their dog always has fresh water and filling the water bowls. Fresh water should always be available unless your vet has told you otherwise. Helping to feed the dog by getting the food ready dogs should be fed at least twice a day.

Having two leashes hooked to the dog when going for a walk, so the child can hold one of the leashes.

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No child under the age of 15 should be holding the leash or walking the dog alone. No dogs should be walked on a retractable leash! Do not share with your dog:. Candy or gum. Touch a dog's food bowl while she is eating. Touch a dog while he is chewing on or playing with a chew toy.

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Hug a dog. When to get an adult: 1. When you see a loose dog outside no adult and no leash. If your dog seems hurt, frightened or is hiding.

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Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Provides busy parents with simple, realistic advice to help ensure that the relationship between their kids and their dog is safe and enjoyable for all.

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You will learn how to help your child and dog develop a strong relationship, built on trust and cooperation; set your family up for success with a minimum of effort; recognize canine stress signals and know when your dog is getting worried about normal kid activity; identify serious behavior problems before someone gets hurt; prevent your child from becoming part of a growing statistic - children who have been bitten by a dog.

What professionals are saying about Living with Kids and Dogs This is a wonderful book. Useful, useful, useful information - all the main points in an extremely easy-to-read style. As a trainer and mom, Colleen sees the full picture.

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Ian Dunbar , founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers This is one of the best books for families that I have read in a long time This book really opened my eyes to so many aspects of having dogs in our home. This is a definite must-read for any dog owner.