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Chiboucas as Hippolytus is earnest and arresting, portraying the challenges of a man striving for virtue while suffering the burdens of an overwhelming and forbidden love. But McDonald commands the stage as tragic heroine Phaedra, exuding at once the force of passion and the anxiety of unrequited love, acting with incredible skill and energy to portray the plight of a woman driven mad by desire.

Golub creates an elaborate, mythic world.

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Characters engage with the set as well as with each other, creating a sensation of constant activity and kinetic confusion as the eye is drawn to different characters moving and interacting with the stage. The set design revolves around the use of a turntable with bedroom scenes on both sides.

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Elaborate costumes, set designs and color motifs confront the audience. Designed by. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Military-affiliated students move into new lounge. I must bury this guilty passion in the grave But here enters Panope, a waiting-woman, with news that Theseus has been reported dead, and Oenone promptly points out to Phaedra that now she must live to protect the interests of both her young son and Hippolytus from another heir, Arica, an Athenian woman of royal blood now living in Troezen as an exile.

The nurse suggests that Hippolytus remain as King of Troezen and that Phaedra's son assume the throne at Athens.

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Phaedra reluctantly agrees. Hippolytus, unaware of the Queen's passion for him, has long loved Arica but has kept silent because of a blood feud between their families. Now, with Theseus dead, he goes to tell her of his love and to propose that he shall rule Troezen, Phaedra's son in Crete, and that Arica shall take her rightful place on the throne of Athens. He has just confessed his love to the receptive Arica when Phaedra enters and is left alone with him. The Queen appeals to Hippolytus to help protect her son's succession.

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Hippolytus attempts to comfort her with the possibility that Theseus may still be alive, but Phaedra exclaims: "The King is dead I seem to speak to him when I say 'I love you! Hippolytus is aghast, and reminds her that Theseus is his father and her husband, but Phaedra goes on: "I have not forgotten. I love you and I feel guilty of my love. You cannot hate me half as much as I hate myself. I did not come to make this vile confession; I came to plead for my son Come, take your revenge, punish my hateful passion, rid the world of an offensive monster!

By Jean Baptiste Racine

Here is my heart. Pierce it with your sword!

From the Harvard Art Museums’ collections Phaedra and Hippolytus

Hippylytus stands dazed. The Queen, declaring that she will stab herself, seizes his sword and runs from the room. As she leaves, Theramenes, tutor to Hippolytus, hastens in to tell that Phaedra's son has been elected King of Athens, and that King Theseus now is reported still alive. Hippolytus goes to search for Theseus, to "give the scepter back to worthy hands. Theseus does return and Phaedra is in terror, fearing either that Hippolytus, whom she now hates for scorning her love, will expose her to the King, or that she will betray herself even should he keep silent.

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  • She hopes again for death, but Oenone urges a plot whereby Hippolytus shall die instead: the Queen shall accuse him first, offering his sword as evidence that he has come to see her. Phaedra recoils at the thought of herself slandering an innocent man, but allows Oenone to accuse him. Theseus summons Hippolytus and condemns him: "Traitor, how dare you show yourself to me after you have tried to defile my bed with your adulterous lust!


    Never set your foot again upon this soil! And to thee, O Neptune, Lord of the Sea, I utter this solemn prayer: avenge a father's wrong, and overwhelm with thy waves this son who no longer is a son of mine! The dumbfounded Hippolytus protests that he is guiltless; but, to spare his father, he refrains from telling of the Queen's infidelity. He replies only: "I might be pardoned if I told the truth but it concerns you honor to conceal it Know this, my father, I am innocent I love not Phaedra, but Arica.

    But when the King mentions that Hippolytus, in his denial, has revealed his love for Arica, the jealous Queen makes no further effort to save the exiled youth. Hippolytus goes to Arica who implores him to tell the truth to his father.